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Welcome to my website and artwork. I am excited to introduce you to my latest endeavor, Left Hand Print Studio Clothesline. I am a printmaker, fiber artist, art educator and teaching artist. 
I print on natural fiber fabric with fiber reactive dyes and natural dyes and sew unique clothing for everyday wear.  I don’t grow the fiber, weave the cloth, or produce the dyes, but I print, cut and sew each garment by hand.  I am a fabric junkie and can't resist beautiful so I also use commercial fabric for some garments.  If you are interested in a particular style that is sold already, please contact me.  I can make what you want in a different fabric or size.
Slow clothes take time and they take love, love for the materials and for the process of making by hand. I am dedicated to creating wearable art that the wearer loves and will wear over time, art that the wearer will not use up in a short season but will pass on and value as clothing -- worn and exhibited in the world on a body, rather than discarded for a landfill. 
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